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Project Overview


-Mark LTZ Dev
“The First part´s of our Foundation is set, now we come slow into further Development wich i am Confident to Deploy in the Best way my education as Graduated Computer Scientist with 20 Years experience in I.T. with unix/linux sysadmin, Database Administration, Cybersecurity and expert in Clustered Applications allows.
Our LitecoinZ project has come to Light to provide People around the world with Security and Privacy to ensure Anonymity and give them the Choice of Independent and decentralized Applications.
We as LitecoinZ therefor chosen to Develop Solutions for Everyone to have a choice.”

LitecoinZ Project will constantly Evolve to bring everybody wich want´s to Choose there Privacy,
Various Applications to provide People with Secure and Privacy Improved Development.



The Web….
first it was a Idea, to become a Community driven Movement.
Now it´s real for everyone, Open and Connecting People all over to World.
Here we show all LitecoinZ related Information´s like WalletWhite Paper,
Pools, Donations, Exchange, Explorer, etc.




Github, the first Time LitecoinZ´s Source Code gone Public for Development and Project building.
Here we Release the Wallet , Seeder , Z-NompNode-Stratum-Pool , zhminer , EWBFminer ,
the source of our Website and Explorer




The Bitcointalk ANN, the Crypto forge Of Public Announcements.
It´s most at the time the First Look wich People take from an Cryptocurrency and a Place of social Engagement.
We have here Updates, discuss about LitecoinZ´s Development, support etc.




Where People meet, think, discuss, pushing ideas and other LitecoinZ related Topic´s.
Discord has grown to a Cryptocurrency Chat for many people around the World
to engage with the Developers find Support and bring yourself in as a
Part of the Project.




LitecoinZ is providing here News, Updates and Social Appearance.
It is the Biggest Social Platform and therefor many people
spending there daily time on Facebook to stay in contact with Friends, News, Project´s etc




Like Facebook we are providing here News, Updates and Social Appearance,
Tweets on Twitter are Short, Precise Tweet´s and more dedicated to the Topic.
People like there #hashtags because you see what friends, Interests, …
and Share.






The Exchange for Miner´s from PCMiNing.XYZ,
here we have Provided from one of our Pool Operator a Exchange
wich wants to Support Mining on there Exchange. Also with low Fee´s, fast Support and
further Updates of Features in the Future CrateX gives us a Community based Exchange
who expands in there Support of Cryptocurrency´s.




Our first Exchange powered from Logical Trading Systems Registered in England & Wales 10876743
wich began there journey in 2007 by creating own trading algorithms based on volume spread analysis.
Overall they provide algorithm, trading platform, digital currency exchange and investment products.
We have With Zapple a new EU based Exchange with low fee´s, quick Trades, API etc.
wich wants to provide people with there Reliable Service.


Our Pool Operators


Here is The Backbone, Soul, Heart and Place where Miner´s Meet to come together for
there believe in Cryptocurrency´s as an Movement.
Our Pool Operators are here to Speak for there Believe and Support to 
provide People with Decentralization.


“Coorp.io is based on its own largely unique development. We try to make the mining as comfortable and informative as possible!
There are no obvious rules that can be followed by a templates! Your strategy may depend on what is more important for you: it’s good to eat or sleep well. And do not forget to rejoice. Is it worth to be engaged in mining, if it brings only money, but does not bring joy?”

“pool.cryptohost.top is a relatively young pool that was released in the end of 2018 as a private one but developed further as a public. Running on extremely powerful servers ensures good and reliable work , high performance, and this has also helped shape itself as a lucky pool. With years of experience in programming and it administration, we are always ready and happy to respond and help in case of need. Come to talk about crypto we offer anonymous mining, no registration needed, accurate hashrate reporting!
Cryptohost.top honest and reliable, no hidden fee, no steal hashrate”




“EquiGems gets released in the summer of 2018 and aims to become the biggest mining pool hub for equihash based coins. Currently supporting all major Zcash forks, is EU based
and the system guarantees a 99.99 SLA.
Backed from an experienced IT Technician/programmer who previously worked for Dell , HP and Fujitsu now serving worldwide miners with fast, stable and secure Service”


“We run powerful, secure and honest pools with very low fees. As fellow miners, you’ll find that we’re always working on one thing or another
to make the mining experience enjoyable!”



GWar | Magnificentpool.com
“Magnificentpool.com was born as a hobby, as we wanted to consolidate the functionality we knew from different pools out there, and we have been integrating different algos and projects that people look interested in.
So us being career IT professionals, is like our time to relax and play with all the things we typically can’t touch at work, talking about enterprise grade server architecture, redundancy, load balancing, etc etc. It has been a nice learning experience so far, and looking forward to continue in future”


“We at NibiruPool have reliable dedicated servers with solid network connection from the best providers. The Powerful anti-ddos protection and dockerised infrastructure guarantee stable performance in any case. Also there is a unique option – personal private pools.
If you’ve a decent hashpower and want to mine solo, we can provide you such service. The commission for such pools is discussed separately, depending on your hashrate.”


Since its formation, PCMiNing.XYZ has pioneered the way in Crypto-World with quality of service and technology and fully focused on user satisfaction. New developments are closely monitored and are always improving with innovations.
I personally work in the field of Information Technologies and believe that I am a good engineer, and always get great pleasure from doing better.


“Private-Locker, is a Community Based and driven Pool/Wallet/Tutorials Service.
All pools/services are reviewed/created fully by the Community to ensure 100% transparency between Development and the Community themselves.
We aim to provide the best quality services from a Community ran Entity.
Private-Locker consists of the Most Experienced Miners, Programmers, and Security Technicians from major pools like, Slushpool, SuprNova, MinerGate, and many more.
– to ensure our Community has the best troubleshooters available for help when People really need it.”



“I’m Nate the main Pool Operator of wfmpools.com.
Windfall Mining Inc does a good bit in the crypto space including, but not limited to, mining the blockchain, collocation data center for miners, hedge fund targeting crypto currency, consulting services targeting the blockchain, devops in the blockchain, and of course coin mining pool hosting.

wfmpools as a whole is here to provide a public pool for the equihash family of coins. The main reason it was born was to provide a cost effective, latent less pool for our collocation subscribers to mine in. We now tend to hop on board with new coins in the means of helping good projects get off the ground while giving wfmpools.com more attention. This all lead us into bigger projects.

We recently took over the z-nomp project, open source mining pool software, with a few collaborators to further push z-nomp’s functionality. Hopefully one day we look to
expand this into supporting other coins outside of equihash.
The goal is to centralize z-nomp’s development again.
This is yet another avenue the windfall family is taking to give to the crypto currency community. This project is completely donated time from all the individuals involved and we all thank them heavily for their contributions.”

Write @Newtl for adding of your Pool quote.


We want to constantly expand our Partnerships to find Relations with People all over the World
to provide 
them with Privacy, Security, Reliability and Independent Development.


For Future Partners we are here for Contact.
E-Mail: support@litecoinz.org