LitecoinZ News

LitecoinZ Bootstrap

The bootstrap.dat allows a new LitecoinZ client (not synced) to rapidly import the initial blocks from a local file instead of slowly downloading blocks from random peers. This significantly reduces the time it takes to get a client synced with the current blockchain.

Sentinel Update

LTZ Sentinel update has begun and brings Bitcoin Upstream, Compatibility and minor fixes to LitecoinZ.

LitecoinZ v2.0.0

LitecoinZ v2.0.0 Overwinter and Sapling Upgrade overview of the features included in this Update

Bitcoin 0.14 vulnerability and LitecoinZ

The Bitcoin Core PR #9049 with the Recent uses of an bug in the bitcoin code made a attack possible  CVE-2018-17144, a fix for which was released on September 18th in Bitcoin Core version

LitecoinZ Development Progress

LitecoinZ´s Development Progress and Milestones. A Overview of our Progress what we have done already and our near releases.

LitecoinZ Network

Project Overview. Collection of every useful Download, Website, Social Media link and Pool. Quote´s Of our Pool Operators and Developer. Hear whats in there Mind about the service, provided from Crypto enthusiast´s, IT Engineer´s, Community´s and Miner´s.

LitecoinZ Mentaliti

Future lines, ideas where privacy is needed for people. Decide to choose Independent privacy solutions from decentralized Development

Soft fork at block 95000 for new LitecoinZ algorithm

LitecoinZ is changing to new Anti-ASICs Algorithm (Equihash ) in block 95000 (21 June)

Welcome to LitecoinZ Blog

Welcome to the new LitecoinZ Blog. In this blog the LitecoinZ Team post news and info about our coin. LitecoinZ is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on bitcoin to be compatible on the Zcash core. It utilizes the Equihash algorithm with ZK-snarks, T-addresses and anonymous Z-addresses. By combining the technologies, LitecoinZ is able to operate as a cryptocurrency with an ability to provide low fee an fast transaction to people worldwide. LitecoinZ is the 1st project 100% developed from community for the community…