LitecoinZ Wallet´s

Native GUI Wallet.

LitecoinZ, is unlike many other arriving Zcash forks with one of the only Wallets with an Embedded native GUI that runs without 3rd party programs like java etc.. This gives the future development of LitecoinZ a convenient Codebase to maintain with a secure and more usable and reliable Wallet for the users.

Mobile Wallet.

Our Copay Wallet for Mobile Devices is coming with Passphrase and easy to Manage Wallet´s with there Addresses and
import after the device get´s damaged or lost.

Web Wallet.

Be able to make transactions all over the world with Internet access, also with Passphrase to restore/import your wallet.
Passphrase´s From the Mobile Wallet are not compatible with the Web Wallet Passphrase´s and will not Import your Wallet either way.


Mobile- and Web-Wallet should not to be used for long-Term Storage, save it on USB´s or write down the Private-Key for further Security.


The zk-snarks Protocol with the Privacy Improved Z-addresses makes it easy to choose Anonymous Transactions via the Blockchain. Using the Desktop Wallets will give you the ability to make Z-transactions with there more Memory
intense Process.

Github Releases: