Soft fork at block 95000 for new LitecoinZ algorithm

Soft fork at block 95000 (21~22 June)


The LitecoinZ Staff is pleased to announce that we have completed the development of the new ASIC resistant algorithm.
This is a variant of the Equihash algorithm with parameters [N=144 K=5].

The changing of algorithm will be made on block 95,000. This should happen on June 21-22 approximately.

Note that not only LitecoinZ is changing there algorithm, other Coin such as BTCZ or BTCP will implement the same variants of Equihash [N=144 K=5] to avoid ASICs.

LitecoinZ is one of the first coins with “Equihash [N=144 K=5]”, and had to completely redevelop the mining and pool software, since the current mining software don’t implement the new algorithm params. So the LitecoinZ team has deployed patches for the current software. Here is our current progress:

  • Software pool (z-nomp): Patch completed
  • Miner CPU: Functional.
  • Miner Nvidia GPU: ewbf, optiminer (Functional, waiting merge).
  • Miner Amd GPU: Waiting for Claymore fix.

Important notes

  1. With the new algorithm it will also be more difficult to get a solution to find blocks, so a GPU that currently has 200Sol/s will go to 10~20Sol/s. (This will also happen for other coins such as BTCZ and BTCP).
  2. Once the algorithm change is implemented, all miners and pools-wallets will have to upgrade into the new versions of software to be able to work with the network.
  3. We recommend that all miners who have graphics cards less than 1Gb mine LitecoinZ before the new algorithm is implemented, due to the difficulty of the new algorithm, the minimum memory for mining will be 800Mb.


Since the change of algorithm implies a change in the nodes, to avoid problems with exchanges, we have not started listing in new exchanges. Once the new nodes are launched, we will proceed to be listed in several exchanges, so we open the donations and votes.

LitecoinZ needs you!

Also we are starting to work on an online wallet and plugins for ec-sites.
LitecoinZ is a unique project, alive and expanding.

The LitecoinZ Team.